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Top 3 Remodeling Ideas To Make Home More Happy

Appliances break down. Furniture gets scratched. Floors get scuffed and carpets stain. Perhaps you’re finding that you enjoy being at home less and less. Maybe you never loved being there in the first place.

Before you pack up and move across town or burn your house to the ground, it could be worth your while to consider calming down, sticking around and remodeling. Many people might initially prefer to move rather than remodel (up to 35%), but according to the National Association of REALTORS®’ 2015 Remodeling Report, 64% of homeowners enjoy being in their homes more after they complete a remodeling project.

For this reason, the effort of renovating in your home is usually more rewarding when you plan to actually stick around. Considering that 74% of those surveyed want to be at home more now that they’ve completed their projects, you might regret not getting to use that amazing new kitchen you just finished. Remodeling your home just to increase its selling value might yield a return on your investment, but we believe your time and energy are better spent on improving your own quality of life.

If you’re feeling dissatisfied in your home and don’t know where to start, we recommend one of these three projects:

1.) Complete Kitchen Renovation

This is our first recommendation because it offers huge benefits and improvements in the efficiency of your home for its most necessary function: making food. Old kitchens with dilapidated appliances, cracked countertops and insufficient storage can seriously affect your ability to quickly and happily prepare food.

So, while your new kitchen will probably look prettier and be more modern, the sheer usability of an organized, up-to-date and sturdy kitchen is likely to be the most rewarding project you undertake in your home. In fact, 93% of the homeowners surveyed by REALTORS® felt a major sense of accomplishment when they finished remodeling.

2.) Complete Bathroom Renovation

While ease of use is the primary driving force of most kitchen remodels, bathrooms tend to be redone simply because they’ve been used so much. 49% of consumers said that their primary reason for renovating their bathrooms was to upgrade worn out finishes and surfaces.

It makes perfect sense: bathrooms are often used for cleaning and hygiene, but they can easily get dirty and dingy in the process. More than half of the survey respondents said they enjoyed being home more and that they wanted to be home more once they had remodeled their bathrooms.

3.) New Wood Flooring

One of the simplest ways to add class and atmosphere to a room or area in your home is to install hardwood floors. Carpet may be soft and comfortable, but even hardwood with an area rug is preferred by many over a fully carpeted floor.

However, it seems that most people aren’t just upgrading to new hardwood flooring out of sheer preference, but out of necessity. The REALTORS®’ findings indicate that over half of consumers changed their flooring to hardwood because their old floors were worn-out or damaged.

Based on our analysis of the REALTORS® report, these are the three remodels we think you’ll find to be the most rewarding. However, if your basement is a disaster, you might want to tackle that first… If you’re happy with your kitchen, bathroom and flooring situations, take a look through the report yourself and see which project will be the most rewarding and valuable for you: http://www.realtor.org/reports/remodeling-impact.

Just remember that the return on your investment will far exceed the measurable wealth you might gain when you eventually sell your home. The satisfaction of a job well done and the comfort of a happier home are the real reward of home remodeling.

What needs work in your home? Do you have a project that makes you feel accomplished whenever you think of it? Tell us about it in the comments!