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Improve your curb appeal.

Selling your home will probably mean lots of cleaning. Most people know that decluttering and redecorating the interior can help the home sell faster and appear to be worth more. However, all that time spent inside might cause you to miss out on a very important area of your home- the exterior. How will people know see your beautiful hardwood floors or your luxurious master suite if they never step inside? A buyer’s first impression can be hard to overcome. The good news is there are a few simple steps you can take to improve your home’s curb appeal and get buyers in the door.

1. Pressure Washing

As time goes on, it can be hard to notice the dirt and dust that settle into your driveway, deck and siding. A few passes with a pressure washer can make a world of difference for your home’s appeal. Even if you have to rent a pressure washer from the hardware store, this is a worthwhile investment that will yield a high return in curb appeal.

2. Siding Touch-up

Whether it’s from wind, hail or the kids, your siding might have some chips and scratches that need a little TLC.” See what you can do to re-paint or fill in some of the nicks and dings before you put your home on the market.

3. Freshen Up The Landscape

Adding some tasteful variety to the lawn can work wonders on a buyer’s first impression. Try a new plant or two, or switch out the rocks or mulch in your flower beds and around your trees. Even trimming the hedges will show that your home has been well kept and cared for.

4. Add Some Polish

The devil’s in the details. Giving your shutters and front door a new coat of paint is another cost-effective way to make your home a little easier on the eyes.

5. New House Numbers

A sure-fire way to make your home look more modern is to ditch your rusty old house numbers. See if you can’t match the new ones with another accent on your home, like the shutters or light fixtures. Depending on your tastes, you could spend as little as $10 on this simple but effective improvement.

Remember, buyers are looking for their new home. Even if you have an older home, spending a little time to give the exterior a little facelift can drastically improve a buyer’s interest and excitement to explore the interior. Snap a before and after pic and show off your results in the comments!