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FINALLY. Football season is here and we are all pretty excited about it. With football season comes the great fall weather, delicious food, and the opportunity to get together with friends to watch the big game every week. While going to the game is always fun, sometimes it’s nicer to watch from the comfort of your home with good company.

Making the decision to host a football party is a good one, but also a decision that comes with great responsibility. It’s all on the party host to make sure the day/night goes perfect. In this post, i’ve put together a few things to think about for your next football gathering.

  1. Pick the right grub: If you’ve been around football long enough, you know that no game is complete without some serious grub. In fact, some people would rank food as the most enjoyable part of a football party. While I still value watching the game, I would have to agree that food is pretty important. Our suggestion is to plan out your meal well ahead of time. Most food will be acceptable for your guests. If you do, however, get in a bind, just remember that football fans love wings, nachos, pizza, and pretty much anything else that gets your hands dirty and tastes good. Lastly, make sure you cook more than what you think you need. Football fans miraculously develop the same appetite as the players they are watching.
  2. Invite the right amount of people: The amount of people you invite really boils down to a few things. Do you have a smaller home, prefer focusing on the game, and enjoy meaningful conversation? If so, we suggest keeping the guest list to a minimum. On the contrary, do you have plenty of space, love the energy of people screaming at the TV, and prefer talking to many people rather than just a few? If so, start cranking out those invites to as many people as you can. This boils down to your personal preference, but it’s worth mentioning so that you can be intentional about the size of your guest list.
  3. Remember, not everyone is a football fan: We all have friends and family who really don’t find joy in watching football. We can all respect that, and we recommend that you plan for it! These individuals still love the idea of going to parties to socialize, so make sure to plan for this! Rather than having everything in your TV room, try to set up space in the kitchen or another room (away from the TV) where those that aren’t interested in the game can chat or even play board games. This creates a more welcoming atmosphere and also avoids conflict between those who are glued to the TV and the others who are not.

Think you are ready for the game, now? We hope so and would love to hear about your plans. Comment below with the games you plan to watch at your next get together.