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One of the most overwhelming obstacles in the homebuying process is obtaining the right mortgage. There is literally thousands of articles online all telling you different things and I wanted to write this article to provide some clarity to the process.

The first consideration you must face is whether or not you are ready to qualify for a mortgage. You may be ready to qualify if:

  • Your credit score is healthy
  • You have had consistent income for up to two years
  • You have the cash to place a 5% – 20% down payment

If you seem to fit the bill, great! If not, no worries. This is a process and sometimes we have to work toward being financially fit before we go after our dream of home ownership. With that being said, here is a high level, step by step process to finding and obtaining the right mortgage for you:

  1. Credit check – is your credit score on point?
  2. Find your lender – can you trust them to provide you with the best options?
  3. The magic number – how much can and should you afford? In other words, what loan amount should you seek?
  4. The right fit – explore and decide on the right mortgage for you.
  5. Documents – collect and organize all documentation needed by your lender
  6. Paperwork – get it signed and get house shopping!

This process is confusing, and as your agent I can help you navigate through the process. If at any point you would like to talk about finding the right mortgage, please reach out to me directly.